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A professional coffee machine should be able to exactly control temperature, amount of water, and time of brewing. Freser represents the world leading coffee machines which offer you an easy, consistent, 
and customized way to brew perfect coffee. The machines have artistic appearance and well-designed functions. The large graphic display with its convenient menu function allows all parameters to be set easily and also keeps the user informed about all important and relevant operating stages of the machine.  Patented designs enables maintenance-free operation for approx. 30,000 coffee products a year. With Freser coffee machines, everyone could be a coffee expert.
Melitta XT-6
Interface 8.4”Hard-wearing touchscreen display
Bean Hopper 1Kg x 2
Residue 30 pcs
Discharge port Height adjustment 70~185mm
Electrical 220V/1ph/3.1kW
Dimensions W300x D580x H788mm
Melitta XT-8
Interface 10.4”Hard-wearing touchscreen display
Bean Hopper 1Kg x 2
Residue 40 pcs
Discharge port Height adjustment 70~185mm
Electrical 220V/3ph/8.7kW
Dimensions W350x D580x H788mm
Bean Cantainer 250g
Water tank 1.8L
Electrical 110V/1250W
Grounds container 15 pcs
Height of spout 80~140mm
Powder capacity 7~14g
Dimensions W302x D450x H370mm
Selections 8 Drinks
Container 1.2kgx4
Electrical 220V
Power 1700W
Net Weight 31kg
Dimensions W35x D44x H82cm
Cento50 E2
Group 2
Boiler 11 L
Electrical 220V
Power 3150W
Net Weight 47 Kg
Dimensions W722x D515x H497mm
Catelog : Download
Manual : Download
Group 2
Boiler 13.5 L
Electrical 220V
Power 4850W
Net Weight 54 Kg
Dimensions W80x D53x H54mm
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